Restructuring Finance Expert

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Restructuring requires a wide range of skills, especially in the finance function, which is often at the center of these challenges. In this course, we will teach you in four practical mornings how to keep a cool head in restructuring situations. You will learn how to work with the right methods and tools from a finance perspective in order to effectively manage and support complex, interdisciplinary and emotionally charged restructuring processes.


Morning Sessions


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Target Group

Managing Directors, Board Members, Finance Specialists and Executives, Private Equity Portfolio Managers, Interim Managers, Management Consultants


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“Restructuring Finance Expert” by International School of Management

Module 1 | Special Situations

  • Definition of special situations
  • Crisis stages and causes
  • Distinction between different crisis stages
  • Terminology distinctions (transformation, restructuring, rehabilitation, turnaround)

Module 2 | Restructuring Concepts and Reports according to IdW S6

  • Structure and content
  • Analysis of economic and legal initial situation
  • Business model analysis
  • Crisis stages and causes
  • Ideal image of a rehabilitated company
  • Strategic, operational and financial measures
  • Integrated corporate planning
  • Restructuring capability and worthiness

Module 3 | Basics of Insolvency Law

  • Basics
  • Participants in the process
  • Reasons for opening insolvency proceedings
  • Judicial vs. extrajudicial procedures

Module 4 | Implementation of Restructuring Measures

  • Focus on measures depending on the crisis stage
  • Strategic measures
  • Operational measures
  • Financial measures
  • Personnel measures (including labor law and works council)
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Change Management

Your Benefit

  • You will be taught all the tools and methods that are crucial in restructuring processes.
  • You will be enabled to structurally organize yourself within the framework of restructurings, knowing when to take which measures.
  • You’ll learn how to use hard and soft skills equally effectively to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

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