Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching is designed if you prefer to transform yourself into a leader in your finance team without visiting a training or a seminar, but working with a trustworthy sparrings partner in a face-to-face setup. Typically, finance professionals have tremendous skills with respect to technical areas, however, have room for improvement when it comes to communication, storytelling, or leadership skills. Bridging the gap between where you are today as a potentially very good manager, and where you want to go to become a leader is the key to unlock the effectiveness with colleagues, direct reports, board members, and investors.

Our individual coaching is tailored towards your specific needs. In order for you to experience a successful transformation, we combine our coaching expertise with extensive finance experience and knowing the challenges within finance functions.

60 – 120

Minutes per Session

Flexible Location

In Person or Video Call

Tools & Methods

Focus on practicable skills

Target Group

Finance Professionals, Finance Executives, Private Equity Portfolio Managers, Management Consultants, Interim Managers

Upon agreement

Your Coach

Dr. Sascha Haggenm├╝ller, CPA with extensive global experience as a management consultant, startup founder and Certified Business Coach (IHK)

Goals Through Our Coaching

  • Becoming a more operationally-focused, strategic finance professional.
  • Strengthening relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Creating buy-in for an idea cross-functional.
  • Creating an accountable, high-performance culture.
  • Getting control of time. Creating strategies to deal with overwhelm.
  • Having difficult conversations to improve results. Resolving a conflict.
  • Leading change. Completing a significant initiative in the company.
  • Enhancing leadership presence. Communicating with impact.
  • Improving team performance. Engaging and mobilizing employees.
  • Broadening your vision. Reframing limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Eliminating behavioral issues that are hurting performance.