Finance for Founders

You as a founder may perceive financial and administrative processes as tiresome and non value-adding. In this course, we as founders train founders with respect to the general foundation process and compliance, and especially the relevance why financial processes should be set up in-house. From a practical perspective, we teach you how to automate processes and make data available in real-time, which enable informed decisions at low cost and will therefore become a competitive advantage in the long-run. In addition, we discuss the topic of business planning and venture capital enabling you to prepare business plans and understand the venture capital market including startup valuation.

This course will provide you with a new perspective on the relevance of finance and the required skills to setup your business in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible for the future.

Module 1 – Business Foundation (1 day training)

  • Introduction
  • Deep-Dive Finance

Module 2 – Business Planning & Venture Capital (1 – 2 day training)

  • Business Planning
  • Venture Capital
  • Startup Valuation

Examination / Certification

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