Finance for Founders Masterclass

Course Type: Online

Finance often seems too dry, too technical, too boring. However, a cool business idea, the thrill of the founding phase, startup spirit, and an exciting product are what really matter! Most startups initially focus on the product and their talents, which makes sense since a company needs a product or service to sell.

However, very few startups consider building a strong finance team and data-driven business management from the beginning. Instead, finance is often the last thing to be developed after everything else is outsourced in the early stages. Unfortunately, this can have dire consequences. If decision-making is impaired due to lack of transparency in operational and financial data, unforeseen liquidity shortages may arise. Profitability potentials may be overlooked, and financing rounds with investors or banks may become a hassle with subsequently high consultancy costs.

In this course, our lecturers – who are founders and finance experts themselves and assist startups and companies in developing and expanding their digital finance function – will teach you in a practical way what you should consider from a finance and compliance perspective during the founding process. We will show you how to automate your financial processes and use real-time data for business management. In addition, we will enable you to create business plans and understand the venture capital market including startup valuation.

Join our “Finance for Founders Masterclass” and either establish your company on a solid foundation right from the start or take it to the next level now!


Morning Sessions


via Microsoft Teams



Target Group

Company Founders, Company Owners, Financial Managers in Young Companies, Venture Capital Portfolio Managers, Members of Incubators, Accelerators or Company Builders, Management Consultants, Interim Managers


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“Finance for Founders” by International School of Management

Module 1 | Finance in the Context of Founding

  • Reporting & Controlling in the Startup Environment
  • Startup Financing
  • Organizational Structure of the Finance Function
  • Procedural Structure of the Finance Function
  • Governance Implications
  • Best Practice Sharing

Module 2 | Business Planning & Venture Capital

  • Content and Pitfalls in the Business Plan
  • Venture Capital Industry
  • Procedure of an Investment or Acquisition Process
  • Financial Due Diligence Requirements
  • Startup Valuation

Your Benefit

  • Understand how to build your finance function as effectively and efficiently as possible and recognize the value of data in your company.
  • Prepare yourself for potential investor talks or sales processes, so that no opportunity costs arise and your profit is maximized.
  • Comprehend how you can save external costs in investor processes and avoid struggling with manual data mountains.