Finance for Founders Masterclass

Financial and administrative processes may be perceived by you as a founder as a nuisance and not adding value. Nevertheless, the value of financial and operational data in your own company for successful corporate management must never be underestimated. Finance is no longer a necessary evil, but a central driver for data-based and fast entrepreneurial decisions and for successful discussions and processes with (potential) investors.

In this course, we as founders train founders terms of the general start-up process and compliance. From a practical point of view, we teach you how to automate processes and provide real-time data that enables informed decisions at low cost and thus becomes a competitive advantage in the long run. In the Business Planning and Venture Capital module, we enable you to create business plans and understand the venture capital market, including the valuation of start-ups.


Seminar Days

ISM Campus

Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin



Target Group

Company Founders, Company Owners, Financial Managers in Young Companies, Venture Capital Portfolio Managers, Members of Incubators, Accelerators or Company Builders, Management Consultants, Interim Managers


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“Finance for Founders” by International School of Management

Module 1 – Business Foundation (1 day)

  • Introduction
  • Deep-Dive Finance

Module 2 – Business Planning & Venture Capital (2 days)

  • Business Planning
  • Venture Capital
  • Startup Valuation

Your Benefit

  • You understand how to build your finance function as effectively and efficiently as possible and recognize the value of data in your business.
  • You prepare yourself optimally for any investor discussions or sales processes so that no opportunity costs are incurred and your profit is maximized.
  • You will understand how you can save external costs in investor processes and not have to deal with manual mountains of data.
  • As an investor or consultant, you will sharpen your knowledge of successful startup investments and the sound development of young companies, thus increasing your earnings potential.