M&A Finance Expert

Course Type: Online

M&A processes require a wide range of skills to bridge information asymmetries and accurately identify both opportunities and risks. In this course you will learn in four intensive mornings how to master the challenges of M&A processes – from “poker” games to emotional stress. Keep a cool head and apply the right methods and tools to successfully navigate and support complex, interdisciplinary and emotional M&A processes.


Morning Sessions


via Microsoft Teams



Target Group

Managing Directors, Board Members, Executives, Financial Managers, Financiers, Private Equity Portfolio Managers, Management Consultants, Interim Managers


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“M&A Finance Expert” by International School of Management

Module 1 | M&A

  • Background of M&A
  • Requirements for the Financial Function
  • Process Prerequisites

Module 2 | Business Valuation

  • Overview of Valuation Methods
  • Multiple Method (detailed)
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method (detailed)
  • Case Study

Module 3 | Financial Due Diligence

  • Content and Structure of a FDD Report
  • Standard Analyses
  • Purchase Price Determination
  • Overview of Other Due Diligence Types and Interactions

Module 4 | Purchase Agreements

  • Share Purchase Agreements vs. Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Contract Structure and Content
  • Contract Negotiation

Your Benefit

  • You will learn all the tools and methods essential for M&A transactions.
  • You will be able to structure yourself objectively in the context of M&A transaction processes and know when to take which steps.
  • You will learn how to use hard and soft skills equally to achieve your goal as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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