Financial Data Analytics Practitioner

Course Type: Online

The image of finance professionals huddled in a basement, pushing numbers from one Excel spreadsheet to another might sound incredibly dry and dull. One might think that nothing could be more tedious. But times have changed, and with it, the structure and processes of companies, as well as the roles of specialists and leaders in the financial field.

With the ongoing digital revolution and the advent of big data, finance professionals are now business partners, occupying some of the most central roles in increasing productivity, reducing costs, and even opening up new business fields and models. However, when it comes to setting up infrastructure for automated data transfer from various sources, ensuring data governance, and translating insights into effective measures, many finance professionals find themselves challenged.

In this course, using a real case study, you’ll learn how to efficiently cleanse raw data via automatic queries and visualize this data from heterogeneous sources in Power BI for informed decision-making. You’ll also gain practical knowledge on how to automate entire processes in the Microsoft environment using Power Queries.

After the course, you can leave behind data crunching and repetitive, boring processes. As a “Financial Data Analytics Practitioner”, you will drive transformation.


Morning Sessions


via Microsoft Teams



Target Group

Finance Professionals, Finance Executives, Financiers, Private Equity Portfolio Managers, Management Consultants, Interim Managers


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“Financial Data Analytics Practicioner” by International School of Management

Module 1 | Microsoft Tools

  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Power BI Market Positioning
  • Power BI Integration with other Microsoft Tools
  • Power BI Data Flow
  • Power BI Structure

Module 2 | Power BI Data Modeling

  • Connection of various data sources
  • Data modelling with Power Query “M”
  • Linking different data sets
  • DAX Measures
  • Date Tables

Module 3 | Power BI Data Visualization

  • Selection and Overview
  • Customization
  • Design
  • Publishing including setting up access rights
  • Storytelling with bookmarks
  • Automatic export function

Your Benefit

  • You’ll learn how to work with big data in practice and become a central business partner in your company
  • You’ll be enabled to work with Microsoft tools like Power Queries and Power BI and use them effectively in your daily work.
  • You’ll get to know the added value and a new side of finance and controlling, which will also significantly increase your job satisfaction.