Financial Problem Solver & Storyteller

You as a finance professional or executive are the business partner for all stakeholders in a data-driven organization. Therefore, analytical and problem solving skills become more crucial as the manual processing of transactional data will gradually decrease and be replaced by data analytics and the preparation of decision templates. In addition, storytelling becomes more and more important as your target audience will not necessarily be firm in finance nor will they understand if conclusions made from visualized data are not structured in a comprehensible manner. With our problem solving and storytelling training, we teach you the central skill of management consulting and the tools management consultants use in order to formulate, structure, and solve complex problems and transferring the results into an impactful communication.

This course enables you to never be stuck again with respect to a complex problem and to actually “sell” the insights you gathered to any audience.

Module 1 – Problem Solving (1 day training)

  • Problem Formulation
  • Problem Structuration
  • Problem Solution

Module 2 – Communicating with Impact (1 day training)

  • Pyramid Principle
  • Models of Argumentation
  • Structured Presentations

Module 3 – Storytelling (1 day training)

  • Storylines
  • Target Audiences

Examination / Certification

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